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Seuran pääjulkaisu on vuosikirja Studia Celtica Fennica (ISSN 1795-097X). Lisäksi olemme julkaisseet artikkelikokoelmia järjestämistämme kansainvälisistä symposiumeista.

Studia Celtica Fennica

Seuran vuosikirja Studia Celtica Fennica (SCF) on ilmestynyt vuodesta 2004. SCF julkaisee artikkeleita ja kirja-arvioita kaikilta keltologian aloilta laajasti ymmärrettynä. Vuosikirjan artikkeleiden valinnassa noudatetaan referee-käytäntöä. Helmikuussa 2012 SCF julkaistiin verkkolehtenä (ISSN 2242-4261) TSV:n tarjoamalla Open Journal Systems-julkaisualustalla, josta löytyy tarkemmat ohjeet kirjoittajille. Voi myös ottaa yhteyttä päätoimittajiin: katja.ritari(@) tai riitta.latvio(@)

Vuosikirjaa voi tilata painettuna hintaan 15€ (riitta.latvio(@) Postikulut sisältyvät hintaan. Jäsenmaksunsa maksaneille jäsenille vuosikirja lähetetään ilmaiseksi.

Kaikki vuosikirjat julkaistaan SCF:n Open Journal Systems-julkaisualustalla PDF -tiedostona vuoden kuluttua julkaisusta.

Issue 10 (2013)

* George Broderick: Neolologisms in revived Manx in the Isle of Man (pp. 7‒29)
* Orit Eshel, Malachy McKenna: A functional analysis of copular clauses in the spoken Irish of Co. Donegal (pp. 31‒43)
* Kicki Ingridsdotter: Motivation for incest: Clothru and the battle of Druim Criaich (pp. 45‒63)
* Esther Le Mair: Why a single burst or multiple scatterings can make all the difference: the patterns underlying the formation of AI and AII verbs (pp. 65‒80)
* Pamela O’Neill: Control of the Means of Production in Early Irish Law (pp. 81‒89)
* Fangzhe Qiu: Wandering cows and obscure words: A rimeless poem from legal manuscripts and beyond (pp. 91‒111)
* Book reviews, Katja Ritari (pp. 113‒119)

Issue 9 (2012)

* Phillip A. Bernhardt-House: Divine Deformity: The Plinian Races (via Isidore of Seville) in Irish Mythology (pp. 5-11)
* Panu Petteri Höglund: Dónall Mac Amhlaigh, en arbetarförfattare på iriska (pp. 12-21)
* Máire Johnson: The Vita I S Brigitae and De Duodecim Abusiuis Saeculi (pp. 22-35)
* A. Joseph McMullen: Enwau ac Anryfeddodau Ynys Prydain and A Tradition of Topographical Wonders in Medieval Britain (pp. 37-53)
* Tomás Ó Cathasaigh: Early Irish bairdne: eulogy, panegyric (pp. 54-61)

Issue 8 (2011)

* Jaqueline Bemmer: Validity and Equality in Early Irish Contract Law: Dliged and Cert in the light of Cóic Conara Fugill (pp. 5-18)
* Ranke de Vries: Similarities in the Three Female Aided-tales (pp. 19-28)
* Charlene M. Eska: Women and Slavery in the Early Irish Laws (pp. 29-39)
* Jimmy P. Miller: Neither Burned nor Bloody: The Learning and Legacy of Heroic Feats (pp. 40-50)
* Kirja-arvosteluja ‒ Reviews

Issue 7 (2010)

* Panu Petteri Höglund: Introduktion till Gaeltacht-självbiografierna (pp. 5-17)
* Caroline McGrath: The Apple in Early Irish Narrative Tradition: A Thoroughly Christian Symbol?
(pp. 18-25)
* Tomás O’Sullivan: Texts and Transmissions of the Scúap Chrábaid: An Old-Irish Litany in its Manuscript Context (pp. 26- 47)
* Kirja-arvosteluja – Book reviews

Issue 6 (2009)

* Phillip A. Bernhardt-House: “Warriors, Words, and Wood: Oral and Literary Wisdom in the Exploits of Irish Mythological Warriors” (pp. 5-19)
* Xavier Delamarre: “Octocannae Matres et le thème aucto-, octo- (celtique *ougtu-> o?tu-)” (pp. 20-25)
* Antti Lampinen: “In vacuum pontem gallus processit—Some Hypotheses on the Duel of Manlius Torquatus and a Gaul” (pp. 26-39)
* Ilona Tuomi: “Whore, Witch, Saint, Goddess? Sheela-na-gig: ilmiö ja historia” (pp. 40-60)
* Jonathan M. Wooding: “Reapproaching the Pagan Celtic Past—Anti-Nativism, Asterisk Reality and the Late-Antiquity Paradigm” (pp. 61-74)
* Arvosteluja—Reviews

Issue 5 (2008)

*Matthias Egeler: “Death, Wings, and Divine Devouring: Possible Mediterranean Affinities of Irish Battlefield Demons and Norse Valkyries” (pp. 3-24)
* Mikko Heimola: “Christ-carrying Men: Cognitive Essentialism in Early Lives of Saint Columba and Saint Brigit” (pp. 25-36)
*Antti Lampinen: “Narratives of Impiety and Epiphany: Delphic Galatomachy and Roman Traditions of the Gallic Sack” (pp. 37-54)
*Máire Mac Aongusa: “Seachta Frisa Toimsiter Gaedhelg—Seven Things by which Gaedhelg is Measured” (pp. 53-62)
* Anna R. Muradova: “The Red Devil and the Symbolic Meaning of the Colour ‘Red’ in Modern Breton” (pp. 63-7)
* Atina L. K. Nihtinen: “Gaelic and Scots in Devolved Scotland” (pp. 68-80)
* Timothy J. White: “Redefining Ethnically Derived Conceptions of Nationalism: Ireland’s Celtic Identity and the Future” (pp. 81-94)
* Kirja-arvosteluja—Book reviews

Issue 4 (2007)

* Esipuhe – Foreword
* Alexandra Bergholm: “Folly for Christ’s Sake in Early Irish Literature: the Case of Suibhne Geilt Reconsidered” (pp. 7-14)
* Grigory Bondarenko: “Conn Cétchathach: the Image of Ideal Kingship in Early Medieval Ireland” (pp. 15-30)
* Maxim Fomin: “Classifications of Kings in Early Ireland and India” (pp. 31-46)
* Jenny Graver: “’What’s in a Name?’ About the Syntax and Philological Functions of Etymologies in the Táin” (pp. 47-57)
* Karin Hansson: “Using Irish Language Corpora in the University Classroom” (pp. 58-62)
* Melanie Maddox: “Early Irish Monasteries and Their Dynastic Connections” (pp. 63-74)
* Elena Parina: “Coherence Markers: Conjunctive Personal Pronouns in Middle Welsh” (pp. 75-84)
* Kirja-arvosteluja – Book reviews

Issue 3 (2006)

* Prolegomena
* Xavier Delamarre: “Prasutagus” (pp. 5-9)
* Alaric Hall: “Folk-healing, Fairies and Witchcraft: The Trial of Stein Maltman, Stirling 1628″ (pp. 10-25))
* Maijastina Kahlos: ” ‘Barbaariset riitit ja oudot menot’: Antiikin roomalaisten näkemyksiä kelttien uskonnosta” (pp. 26-33)
* Atina L.K. Nihtinen: “Towards a more complex language identity? An investigation of opinions on Scots in a sample of policy makers and others” (pp. 34-56)
* Katja Ritari: “Images of ageing in the early Irish poem Caillech Bérri” (pp. 57-70)
* Tom Sjöblom: “The Great Mother The Cult of the Bear in Celtic Traditions)” (pp. 71-78)
Issue 2 (2005): Essays in Honour of Anders Ahlqvist

* Riitta Latvio: Johdanto – Editorial; tabula gratuloria (pp. 3-10)
* Tomás Ó Cathasaigh: “The First Anders Ahlqvist Lecture – Irish Myths and Legends” (pp. 11-26)
* Glyn Banks: “Inheritance” (pp. 27-29)
* Alexandra Bergholm: “Academic and neopagan interpretations of shamanism in Buile Suibhne: a comparative approach” (pp. 30-46)
* Xavier Delamarre: “Les noms du compagnon en gaulois” (pp. 47-52)
* Panu-Petteri Höglund: “Kalle Päätalo ja Sáemus Ó Grianna – mihin kansankirjallisuutta tarvitaan?” (pp. 53-66)
* Riitta latvio: “Status and Exchange in Early Irish Laws” (pp. 67-96)
* Kevin Murray: “Dialect in medieval Irish? Evidence from placenames” (pp. 97-109)
* Janne Mäkelä: “Tartan Boys – Scottish Popular Music Stardom in the 1970s” (pp. 110-17)
* Atina L. K. Nihtinen: “Scotland’s Linguistic Past and Present: Paradoxes and Consequences” (pp. 118-37)
* Katja Ritari: “How should Christians lead their lives? An exploration of the image of lay people in Adomnán’s Vita Columbae” (pp. 138-151)
* Tom Sjöblom: “The Irish Origins of Purgatory” (pp. 152-65)
* Kirja-arvosteluja – Recensioner – Book Reviews
Issue 1 (2004)

* Saatteeksi – Förord – Editorial (pp. 1-2)
* Atina L.K. Nihtinen: Re-acquainting with the language of childhood and grandparents… and much more: A conversation with the author of the book Scots Language Learner (pp. 3-8)
* Panu Petteri Höglund: “Dáibhí Ó Bruadair: ‘Mairg nach bhfuil ina dhubhthuata’: Teksti, suomennos ja runoilijan esittely” (pp. 9-11)
* Panu Petteri Höglund: “William Butler Yeats: ‘Come, gather ’round me, Parnellites’: Teksti ja suomennos” (pp. 12-13)
* Katja Ritari: “From pagan to Christian in the 7th century Irish hagiography” (pp. 14-23)
* Tom Sjöblom: “Piktit – kiviin piirretty kansa” (pp. 24-33)
* Kirja-arvosteluja – Recensioner – Book Reviews

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