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The yearbook of the society, Studia Celtica Fennica (SCF), is a refereed journal, presenting articles and reviews from all areas of Celtic Studies: Celtic languages, and the history and culture of the Celtic world (Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Brittany, etc.). Authors interested in submitting, please consult the OJS platform of SCF or contact the editors katja.ritari(@) or riitta.latvio(@)

For subcsriptions to the printed yearbook (€20, postage abroad included), please contact riitta.latvio(@)

All journals are published as an Open Access journal on the OJS platform of SCF a year after the publication of the printed journal.

Issue 10 (2013)

* George Broderick: Neolologisms in revived Manx in the Isle of Man (pp. 7‒29)
* Orit Eshel, Malachy McKenna: A functional analysis of copular clauses in the spoken Irish of Co. Donegal (pp. 31‒43)
* Kicki Ingridsdotter: Motivation for incest: Clothru and the battle of Druim Criaich (pp. 45‒63)
* Esther Le Mair: Why a single burst or multiple scatterings can make all the difference: the patterns underlying the formation of AI and AII verbs (pp. 65‒80)
* Pamela O’Neill: Control of the Means of Production in Early Irish Law (pp. 81‒89)
* Fangzhe Qiu: Wandering cows and obscure words: A rimeless poem from legal manuscripts and beyond (pp. 91‒111)
* Book reviews, Katja Ritari (pp. 113‒119)

Issue 9 (2012)

* Phillip A. Bernhardt-House: Divine Deformity: The Plinian Races (via Isidore of Seville) in Irish Mythology (pp. 5-11)
* Panu Petteri Höglund: Dónall Mac Amhlaigh, en arbetarförfattare på iriska (pp. 12-21)
* Máire Johnson: The Vita I S Brigitae and De Duodecim Abusiuis Saeculi (pp. 22-35)
* A. Joseph McMullen: Enwau ac Anryfeddodau Ynys Prydain and A Tradition of Topographical Wonders in Medieval Britain (pp. 37-53)
* Tomás Ó Cathasaigh: Early Irish bairdne: eulogy, panegyric (pp. 54-61)

Issue 8 (2011)

* Jaqueline Bemmer: Validity and Equality in Early Irish Contract Law: Dliged and Cert in the light of Cóic Conara Fugill (pp. 5-18)
* Ranke de Vries: Similarities in the Three Female Aided-tales (pp. 19-28)
* Charlene M. Eska: Women and Slavery in the Early Irish Laws (pp. 29-39)
* Jimmy P. Miller: Neither Burned nor Bloody: The Learning and Legacy of Heroic Feats (pp. 40-50)
* Kirja-arvosteluja ‒ Reviews

Issue 7 (2010)

* Panu Petteri Höglund: Introduktion till Gaeltacht-självbiografierna (pp. 5-17)
* Caroline McGrath: The Apple in Early Irish Narrative Tradition: A Thoroughly Christian Symbol?
(pp. 18-25)
* Tomás O’Sullivan: Texts and Transmissions of the Scúap Chrábaid: An Old-Irish Litany in its Manuscript Context (pp. 26- 47)
* Kirja-arvosteluja – Book reviews

Issue 6 (2009)

* Phillip A. Bernhardt-House: “Warriors, Words, and Wood: Oral and Literary Wisdom in the Exploits of Irish Mythological Warriors” (pp. 5-19)
* Xavier Delamarre: “Octocannae Matres et le thème aucto-, octo- (celtique *ougtu-> o?tu-)” (pp. 20-25)
* Antti Lampinen: “In vacuum pontem gallus processit—Some Hypotheses on the Duel of Manlius Torquatus and a Gaul” (pp. 26-39)
* Ilona Tuomi: “Whore, Witch, Saint, Goddess? Sheela-na-gig: ilmiö ja historia” (pp. 40-60)
* Jonathan M. Wooding: “Reapproaching the Pagan Celtic Past—Anti-Nativism, Asterisk Reality and the Late-Antiquity Paradigm” (pp. 61-74)
* Arvosteluja—Reviews

Issue 5 (2008)

*Matthias Egeler: “Death, Wings, and Divine Devouring: Possible Mediterranean Affinities of Irish Battlefield Demons and Norse Valkyries” (pp. 3-24)
* Mikko Heimola: “Christ-carrying Men: Cognitive Essentialism in Early Lives of Saint Columba and Saint Brigit” (pp. 25-36)
*Antti Lampinen: “Narratives of Impiety and Epiphany: Delphic Galatomachy and Roman Traditions of the Gallic Sack” (pp. 37-54)
*Máire Mac Aongusa: “Seachta Frisa Toimsiter Gaedhelg—Seven Things by which Gaedhelg is Measured” (pp. 53-62)
* Anna R. Muradova: “The Red Devil and the Symbolic Meaning of the Colour ‘Red’ in Modern Breton” (pp. 63-7)
* Atina L. K. Nihtinen: “Gaelic and Scots in Devolved Scotland” (pp. 68-80)
* Timothy J. White: “Redefining Ethnically Derived Conceptions of Nationalism: Ireland’s Celtic Identity and the Future” (pp. 81-94)
* Kirja-arvosteluja—Book reviews

Issue 4 (2007)

* Esipuhe – Foreword
* Alexandra Bergholm: “Folly for Christ’s Sake in Early Irish Literature: the Case of Suibhne Geilt Reconsidered” (pp. 7-14)
* Grigory Bondarenko: “Conn Cétchathach: the Image of Ideal Kingship in Early Medieval Ireland” (pp. 15-30)
* Maxim Fomin: “Classifications of Kings in Early Ireland and India” (pp. 31-46)
* Jenny Graver: “’What’s in a Name?’ About the Syntax and Philological Functions of Etymologies in the Táin” (pp. 47-57)
* Karin Hansson: “Using Irish Language Corpora in the University Classroom” (pp. 58-62)
* Melanie Maddox: “Early Irish Monasteries and Their Dynastic Connections” (pp. 63-74)
* Elena Parina: “Coherence Markers: Conjunctive Personal Pronouns in Middle Welsh” (pp. 75-84)
* Kirja-arvosteluja – Book reviews

Issue 3 (2006)

* Prolegomena
* Xavier Delamarre: “Prasutagus” (pp. 5-9)
* Alaric Hall: “Folk-healing, Fairies and Witchcraft: The Trial of Stein Maltman, Stirling 1628″ (pp. 10-25))
* Maijastina Kahlos: ” ‘Barbaariset riitit ja oudot menot’: Antiikin roomalaisten näkemyksiä kelttien uskonnosta” (pp. 26-33)
* Atina L.K. Nihtinen: “Towards a more complex language identity? An investigation of opinions on Scots in a sample of policy makers and others” (pp. 34-56)
* Katja Ritari: “Images of ageing in the early Irish poem Caillech Bérri” (pp. 57-70)
* Tom Sjöblom: “The Great Mother The Cult of the Bear in Celtic Traditions)” (pp. 71-78)
Issue 2 (2005): Essays in Honour of Anders Ahlqvist

* Riitta Latvio: Johdanto – Editorial; tabula gratuloria (pp. 3-10)
* Tomás Ó Cathasaigh: “The First Anders Ahlqvist Lecture – Irish Myths and Legends” (pp. 11-26)
* Glyn Banks: “Inheritance” (pp. 27-29)
* Alexandra Bergholm: “Academic and neopagan interpretations of shamanism in Buile Suibhne: a comparative approach” (pp. 30-46)
* Xavier Delamarre: “Les noms du compagnon en gaulois” (pp. 47-52)
* Panu-Petteri Höglund: “Kalle Päätalo ja Sáemus Ó Grianna – mihin kansankirjallisuutta tarvitaan?” (pp. 53-66)
* Riitta latvio: “Status and Exchange in Early Irish Laws” (pp. 67-96)
* Kevin Murray: “Dialect in medieval Irish? Evidence from placenames” (pp. 97-109)
* Janne Mäkelä: “Tartan Boys – Scottish Popular Music Stardom in the 1970s” (pp. 110-17)
* Atina L. K. Nihtinen: “Scotland’s Linguistic Past and Present: Paradoxes and Consequences” (pp. 118-37)
* Katja Ritari: “How should Christians lead their lives? An exploration of the image of lay people in Adomnán’s Vita Columbae” (pp. 138-151)
* Tom Sjöblom: “The Irish Origins of Purgatory” (pp. 152-65)
* Kirja-arvosteluja – Recensioner – Book Reviews
Issue 1 (2004)

* Saatteeksi – Förord – Editorial (pp. 1-2)
* Atina L.K. Nihtinen: Re-acquainting with the language of childhood and grandparents… and much more: A conversation with the author of the book Scots Language Learner (pp. 3-8)
* Panu Petteri Höglund: “Dáibhí Ó Bruadair: ‘Mairg nach bhfuil ina dhubhthuata’: Teksti, suomennos ja runoilijan esittely” (pp. 9-11)
* Panu Petteri Höglund: “William Butler Yeats: ‘Come, gather ’round me, Parnellites’: Teksti ja suomennos” (pp. 12-13)
* Katja Ritari: “From pagan to Christian in the 7th century Irish hagiography” (pp. 14-23)
* Tom Sjöblom: “Piktit – kiviin piirretty kansa” (pp. 24-33)
* Kirja-arvosteluja – Recensioner – Book Reviews

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